Why do we fall?

The title of this blogpost was a line from Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler, and confidante from one of my favorite superhero movies of all time, Batman Begins. Hence, the thumbnail.

Last year, I had this online business from which I was able to earn thousands of pesos. It was a lucrative passive income. A good one indeed.

From time to time, I would jokingly tell my wife

“Sideline ko lang yata ang pagtuturo.”

because I earn a lot more from this business than what I get from my full-time job as a teacher.

But knowing that it’s a business that runs on the internet, I knew that it will come to an end. As they say,

“not everything is built to last.”

Since I assumed that this business won’t last forever, I used my earnings from it and planned on building another business from scratch to generate more money. Sounds good right? But when everything seems to be perfect, life happened. No. COVID-19 happened. And as you would have guessed it, yes, I lost the business.

For a short time, I thought that it would all be smooth sailing. I thought that I would be able to establish another business and make another stream of income. But I was wrong. I knew it would come to an end, but not this soon.

I was caught off-guard.

I’m also one of the millions of people affected by the pandemic, at least from a business standpoint.
And just like every adulting titos and titas out there, I have bills to pay, a family to feed and support, plus the fact that my wife gave birth to our firstborn.

So yeah, I struggled.

I lost my main source of income (aside from my day job as a teacher) and the money that was meant to establish another business was used for my wife’s delivery.

Despite those mishaps, I know that God is Good and that God will provide. I know that I’m still blessed and that there are many out there who had worse experiences than me.

These setbacks in life should not define us. These are just gentle reminders that

you can’t win in everything but you can try – with a smile.

Yes, I know, that’s a lyric from a song. You even sang it, didn’t you? Kidding aside, I hope you got my drift.

Let’s get back to me. It’s my blog after all.

So how am I doing now? I’m slowly going back into the groove, trying to venture into the unknown world of vlogging.

In fact, I have written this article to get you to subscribe to my channel. Insert – “Subscribe here“. Lol. Just kidding.

I’m just writing this post to remind you and myself, that we cannot be the victors all the time.

That there are experiences in life that make us who we are now.

That there are victories and defeat, hardships and success, sorrows, and triumphs.

That in order to soar, we must first fall.

And why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up. – Alfred, Batman Begins 2005.

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