Here’s why computers go crashing when you need them the most

I don’t know why you clicked the link to this blog post. It was a clickbait, but since you’re already here, maybe you can stay a little longer.

It’s been a while since I last wrote on this blog, and today’s a special one. Today, I’m writing this post not because I’m inspired or that I’m on cloud 9; in fact, I feel that I came back from hell, saved by a triple chocolate frappe. Yes, a frappe bundled with a couple of friends and a little smile on our faces.

It was a ROUGH and tough day. I woke up at 4 am and prepared for the big event that was attended by regional directors, superintendents, supervisors, award-winning writers, and a bunch of delegates from different school divisions. It was a formal gathering, which required my colleagues and me to perform well, to be precise, to be accurate, to be perfect. And you know what? None of that materialized.

Before you believe that what you have clicked was just a clickbait article, let me tell you the part where I will talk about computers.

I was in charge of the PowerPoint and video presentations and all the stuff that projects on the enormous colorful LED screen throughout the gathering. I ran through each video and presentation before the event started to avoid mistakes and to make sure that everything runs smooth.

There’s an adage from tech-savvy people that “Computers go crashing when you need them the most.” Unfortunately, today, I became a living proof of that. I used four laptops, and none of them functioned properly. And the worst part? They malfunctioned right when they were needed the most. Damn right!

As a result, I got reprimanded for it, something that I’m not used to. And even though I felt that it was not my fault, still, it sucks that everything I prepared went for naught. I wanted to quit right away. I wanted to leave that exact moment and watch Jumanji instead in a nearby shopping mall. Isn’t that more fun?

Thank God, I stayed. I told myself not to decide because I was upset at that moment. I finished the event and served my purpose, but I regret not being able to purchase books for my wife and have it signed by its author.

But you know what sucks the most? It’s when the only picture I have today was when I was in the tea shop – with a couple of friends and a little smile on our faces.

My bunch of friends, the savior frappe, and that little smile on our faces.

Today, life taught me two hard-earned lessons. First, computers go crashing when you need them the most. They really do. But why do they crash? Don’t ask me; I told you it was a clickbait! Haha

Kidding aside, the second lesson that I learned today is that I realized once again that no matter how rough and tough your day was, keep your cool and keep on moving because this, too, shall pass.


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