Chasing Sunsets

I was writing this post while staying at a beach resort and hotel during our overnight stay at Morong, Bataan. I was there because I was tapped by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) as a resource speaker to talk about internet media … Read More

Finding Your Own Purpose

There’s so much more to do in our lives than what we can ever afford to imagine. But given the amount of time we have to spend living here on Earth leaves us only a few choices of what we can focus on doing either … Read More

Through the Lenses

Ten years ago, I was this teenager who was at the height of his curiosity about computers. I can still remember studying DOS commands which made no sense to me or plugging computer peripherals in and out of an old desktop computer until it functions … Read More

Losing Grip

It has been an eventful month for me. I spent the last couple of weeks mostly outside of the school  premises where I had to accomplish the what we, teachers, call “other related works”. It was physically and mentally tiring, but it was fun, I … Read More

I’m Tying The Knot and I’m Not Kidding

I was having my early morning cup of coffee, gazing at a wedding invitation used by a friend of mine when a sudden thought struck my mind, “ikakasal na pala ako”. I have never imagined how it feels to be wed, nor did I know … Read More