I’m Tying The Knot and I’m Not Kidding

I was having my early morning cup of coffee, gazing at a wedding invitation used by a friend of mine when a sudden thought struck my mind, “ikakasal na pala ako”. I have never imagined how it feels to be wed, nor did I know how to prepare for it. But here I am now, few months away from tying the knot with the only girlfriend I ever had.

It occurred to me that the life I’ve been living for a long time, will drastically change as I establish my own family. It’s something I can’t wait to look forward to, but sometimes,it also takes a toll on my emotions, too. For once I grasp the responsibility of being a husband, it would take away the little things that I’ll miss as a son. Those little things your parents do for you since you were a little one. From your mother’s yell when she calls you for lunch, to their worries when you’re not yet home late at night. If marriage has one thing that would take away from me, it would be these little things that I’ll always long to feel or see. But like my father whom I always look up to, I should learn how to stand on my own, too.

With this I remember a famous adage which says,

“You’ll only grow when you’re out of your comfort zone.”

I guess home was always and will always be my comfort zone. But a man’s gotta grow, I know I must.

That is why months ago when I managed to pull off my dream proposal, it has already dawned on me that one day soon, I’ll settle down. And I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the feeling of spending the rest of my life with the only woman I ever truly loved.


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