We’re still in July but I already feel like it’s our toughest stretch so far, particularly this week. For the past couple of days, I and my wife leave home and go to work with heavy hearts and with a little appetite.

As we go home exhausted by the end of the day, we would often find ourselves dumbfounded and stuck on thinking all the stuff that we need to do.

We barely even had a long conversation as she needed to accomplish a lot of school reports. While I, on the other hand, always got my energy drained from a week-long book writeshop where I serve as one of the facilitators.

Long story short, it’s a helluva week! But I’m not here to stress you out so let me just tell you a story.

In an attempt to put ourselves back in circulation, Rose Anne and I decided to eat outside last night. Our first choice was to have our dinner at our go-to burger shop but luck wasn’t on our side as we found it closed by the time we went there.

So we chose an alternative and ate at a local restaurant. I ordered pizza and she had a grilled chicken served with a glass of smoothie. While eating, we talked about work and how stressful and tiring it is this week, especially for her. Our stay there went like that for over an hour, sharing our sentiments until our tummies were full.

As we were about to leave, we went outside to fetch our motorcycle, but a waiter from the resto hurriedly approached us. At that exact moment, we knew we messed up. Suddenly, we burst into laughter like there’s no tomorrow.

I then realized that we spent so much effort remembering all the stresses to an extent where we forgot the two things that were more important than whining – to laugh and to pay our bill.

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