chasing sunsets

Chasing Sunsets

I was writing this post while staying at a beach resort and hotel during our overnight stay at Morong, Bataan. I was there because I was tapped by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) as a resource speaker to talk about internet media and information literacy. It aims to promote DICT’s banner program PIPOL KONEK which offers Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places.

It was the end of the first day of the two-day training when I decided to write once again on this blog. I already feel exhausted and part of me just wanted to go to bed and take a good night sleep but something lit up the fire inside me to grab my laptop and draft this post right here.

As we checked in the hotel before sundown, my roommate, Sir Eds of DICT, said that he’ll just go outside for a walk. I asked him where he will be and he answered me joyfully saying, “At the beachfront. I’ll be chasing sunset.”

Those two words got stuck in my head for a reason that I didn’t know until I realized it’s deeper meaning and that it would be a perfect title for this blog post.

My dear friends, we all need to chase sunsets from time to time. Of course you don’t have to take it literally. What I would like to say here is that, at the end of each day, we must look at the beauty that goes with it. Despite the struggles and adversities we face everyday, we all have a chance to ponder and reflect about all the blessings at the end of it. Trust that all the bad things and misfortunes we had encountered will be consumed by the dark as the night takes over and pray that tomorrow will bring us new hope and a chance to make ourselves better.

I, together with the DICT team we’re all exasperated that day. I chose to lay in bed and think about the things that I still have to do. Restless. Tired but still thinking. Exhausted but still working. And then there was Sir Eds, he’s also worn out from the work we did all day but he was happy. And when he smilingly said that he’ll be chasing the sunset, I’ve come to realize that how our day turns out will greatly depend on how we look into it.

So to you who’s reading this, always keep in mind to see the beauty in every day. That even when the sun goes down and everything becomes dark, try to take a peek at the brighter side and look forward with a happy heart to what tomorrow has to offer. Because the truth is, no matter how uninspired you are; no matter how hard your day was, the sun will shine upon you again.


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