4 Reasons Why You Don't Have to Force Things in Life

4 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Force Things in Life

Humans have this tendency to force things to their chances even if it is sometimes out of their control. Even the coolest, most patient, and most intelligent people you know also have their breaking points. No one is exempted.

This is because part of human nature is its desire to succeed in almost all aspects of his life. And in having such desire, we sometimes work so much to achieve results which only please us. But the thing is, in everything we do, in every result we make, fulfillment isn’t guaranteed at all, neither does satisfaction.

You like to ask why. It’s because when you force things too much; when you try to take matters into your own hands, it often brings you the outcomes that you need but not the outcomes you seek and desire.

To avoid failure and setbacks, you have to know the four important reasons why you don’t have to force things in life. Here they are:

1. Disappointments

Have you experienced working hard on something you like only to end up losing it? Have you tried exerting a lot of effort towards a goal only to fail in the end?

Chances are, every one of us had experienced forcing things in life to work on our favor and the outcomes are not always what we expect them to be.

When you force things too much, you unconsciously set a lot of expectations. At the very end, when things didn’t work out in your favor, it can only lead to one bitter – disappointment.

2. You deserve more

Life works in a way where we always have to strive hard to arrive at a particular situation where “striving hard” isn’t necessary anymore. But it doesn’t mean that you need to put too much pressure on yourself just to have self-fulfillment.

Remember that, in each endeavor, there’s always a 50-50 chance of succeeding. And when life doesn’t give you what you want, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve it; it means that you deserve more.

Just don’t force it and…

3. Wait for your time

Whether it is about a relationship or career opportunities, it is always better to wait for the perfect timing. I once believed that when an opportunity knocks on your door, go get and grab it. I was wrong.

When an opportunity stands in front of you, you have to think about it first. Will it bring you growth both personally and professionally? Do you really want it? Or are you just jumping on to the bandwagon? Maybe you’re considering promotion or higher compensation.

When it comes to relationships be it in a workplace or with the one you admire, I may not be the best person to ask. But what I will tell is purely based on my experiences and it all has been proven right and I can attest to it.

If your colleagues don’t like you, that’s perfectly okay. You cannot please everybody so don’t push yourself too much. Just work on making yourself better and focus on your goals. When the time is right, they’ll be the one reaching out to you.

You might wanna ask again, when is the right time?

You’ll know that the time is right when you feel genuinely happy about the situation at hand and you wholeheartedly accept it without reservations. You can decide without sensing regrets and you have thought about it a lot of times before finally making your choice.

4. God knows better

If there’s anyone else who knows what’s the best for us, it’s none other than God. There are times when we tell God our heart’s desires, we tend to plead on Him; to ask Him to make it all happen.

The thing is, we never know what God has in store for us. All I know is that, when we have already done our part and things still didn’t work according to our plans, just keep on praying and let things happen according to His will. If it’s for you, it will be for you.

To sum it up

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Forcing matters into your own hands isn’t the best approach to life. If you’re dealing with something that puts a weight on your shoulders or is dragging you down, let go of it and let God work His miracles.

That’s it for now. Thanks for making it here at the bottom! I’ll catch you up until the next one! Ciao!


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