Hi there! This page right here contains the 30 things I want and I need to do before turning 30 or at least when I reach such age.

Having goals in life is one of the most exciting part of living and listing them down makes it even better. And why not? Reading your own To Do list makes it easier for you to be reminded of the reasons why you continue striving in your life. However, writing these things down is only the first step towards your goal. The next best thing you could do is to make them happen ONE AT A TIME. I repeat, ONE AT A TIME

In the end, you’ll realize that it feels very fulfilling to see yourself on track of the things you want to do in your life.

Here’s mine:

30 by 30

  1. Learn How to Swim (the toughest one)
  2. Work Out on the Gym Consistently (one day soon)
  3. Learn to Play Guitar (need a refresher course)
  4. Pass the Board Exam
  5. Become a Permanent Teacher
  6. Finish Masteral Degree (Thesis na lang)
  7. Be Married
  8. Have a Baby
  9. Have My Own Car (medyo mahirap, not my top priority, but I would love to have one)
  10. Bring My Parents to Baguio City (I really pray for this one)
  11. Watch a Live Barangay Ginebra Game Accomplished on October 27, 2017
  12. Own a Beagle (that would be awesome)
  13. Launch My Online Shop (dreaming of having an e-commerce site)
  14. Learn How to Use Adobe Illustrator Accomplished on November 2017
  15. Develop Writing Skills (sana developed na by this time)
  16. Party Hard All Night Long (really?)
  17. Flight an Economy Class
  18. Travel to Palawan
  19. Travel to Batanes
  20. Travel to Sagada
  21. Travel to Baguio
  22. Travel to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte
  23. Climb Mount Pulag
  24. Watch a Sunset at the Beach (Sept. 2017 at Baler, Aurora)
  25. Own a DSLR Camera
  26. Raise a bonsai (my childhood dream)
  27. Conquer the mountain trails (Started on Nov.2017 at Mt. Daraitan)
  28. Become a full-time freelancer as a graphic and web designer (Because it’s my passion)
  29. Learn HTML 5, CSS 3, and PHP
  30. Learn Adobe Dreamweaver, Premiere, After Effects and a lot more.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and make your own list now! Don’t wait for them to happen, life is happening now.