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The Only Thing Worth Looking Back in 2020

Hi! How are you holding up? I’ve been busy these past few months so it took me a while to craft another article which I know not everyone will give a f**k about. But hey, it’s my blog so let me just tell you a … Read More

Why do we fall?

The title of this blogpost was a line from Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler, and confidante from one of my favorite superhero movies of all time, Batman Begins. Hence, the thumbnail. Last year, I had this online business from which I was able to earn thousands … Read More


We’re still in July but I already feel like it’s our toughest stretch so far, particularly this week. For the past couple of days, I and my wife leave home and go to work with heavy hearts and with a little appetite. As we go … Read More

4 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Force Things in Life

Humans have this tendency to force things to their chances even if it is sometimes out of their control. Even the coolest, most patient, and most intelligent people you know also have their breaking points. No one is exempted. This is because part of human … Read More